Meet the Candidate

My name is Aurelia Wagner. I was born in Sacramento, California but I became the person I am today because my mother, brother, and I moved to Houston when I was 16 years old. My father retired from the United States Air Force after  serving 24 years and my mother is a veteran school teacher, I followed in both of their footsteps. 

I worked my way through school at Texas Southern University and earned a Bachelors of Science in Public Affairs and a Master in Public Administration while serving in the United States Navy Reserve. Being engaged with every community I live in has always been important to me. I began my community work by registering my fellow classmates to vote and helped bring candidates to campus to get the youth involved in our political process. I began my career as an educator at Peck Elementary School, serving the students of the community I've lived in since my freshman year at TSU. 


On my campus I created a  program that invites parents into the classroom to support their child's academic needs. The initiative is called Parent and Student Homework Night, I am pleased that it will be entering it's third year at Peck. I have been an active volunteer in District 147, over the past ten years I've volunteered with Constable May Walker, the Texas League of Young Voters, and helped at Houston’s City Hall during my summer breaks from teaching. 

As a teacher I've seen first hand that Black, Hispanic, and children who come from economically disadvantaged households need more resources in order for their education to be equitable.  If given the opportunity to serve District 147 in Austin I will fight for our children's future. 

I want to bring our ideals and values to the state capital. Your input is critical in making sure our district represents all of us and not just one persons opinions. Together we can fight for a better Houston.

-Aurelia Jeanette Wagner